Avni Mustafa
Executive Director 
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Avni is a human rights activist, trainer and expert on Roma Inclusion. He has been working on Minority issues for over 15 years and holds a BA in Management from the University of Pjeter Budi.
Avni was born in Prishtina, in 1987. Lives Plemetina, a small multi-ethnic village in Kosovo. Avni’s mother tongue is Romani, speaks fluently in 3 languages:
Albanian, English and Serbian. As a young activist, Avni managed local NGO “Romano Resaipe”, here he published an article entitled “The needs and problems of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian in the municipality of Obiliq”, which has shaped his interest and engagement with the topic over the years. His professional experience includes working with Balkan Sunflowers International, as a production media manager, where he produced over 50 eyewitness reports related to Roma life in Kosovo and North Macedonia. All reports were broadcast by public television in Kosovo RTK. He the Director of the Rolling Film Festival, for films made by and about Roma to fight discrimination and dispel negative stereotypes, which were well attended by all facets of Kosovo society. He also worked as a trainer and production manager during the shooting of Cikore Filmya. Since June of 2017, Avni is the Executive Director of Roma Versitas Kosovo, a leading student support organization with more than 10 different programs and projects seeking better inclusion of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community members in Kosovo’s society.
Dorela Limanaj
Finance and Admin Manager
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Dorela joined the team of Roma Versitas Kosovo in November 2017. She graduated from the University of Prishtina at the Faculty of Economics – Bachelor program also in 2017 she received the title of Master of Economic Sciences at the Faculty of Economics – Prishtina.
Before joining the team, she worked as a manager in a local company as well as various accounting / finance trainings.
At Roma Versitas Kosovo, she is engaged as finance and administration manager. She is a sociable person but, in the profession, she continues to be dedicated.
Kadrije Krasniqi
Program Coordinator
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Kadrije since 2003 she has made a significant contribution to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo, her contribution on promotion of human rights, in the areas of minority rights, children’s rights, repatriation and migration, education, researcher and analyzer on human rights issues.
As a project leader of the Advocacy and Human Rights activist she participated in different projects where she has been actively involved in different conferences and roundtables contributing to the development of strategies and action plans in the governmental level.
Sebstijan Serifovic
Program Coordinator (EE)
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Sebastijan is a Roma activist working to achieve equal standards towards Education, Human Rights, Employment etc. for the Roma people in Kosovo and abroad. After years of work and advocacy in Kosovo, Sebastian decided to start studies at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations where he studied for 3 years, in order to gain more knowledge to defend the rights of Roma in a more effective way.
Sebastian has been working as a Deputy Mayor for Communities in the Municipality of Gracanica and this municipality currently is the only municipality that have adopted the Roma Language in official use in Kosovo in his four years term.

Genc Broqi
Programs Manager
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Genc is highly motivated professional with over 20 years of experience and diversified background from a multitude of industries, such as banking, corporate, non-governmental & inter-government industry with attained skills such as project management, project implementation, project internal audit and evaluation, risk management, fraud combat, banking, procurement & logistics, office/warehouse management, HR, and Finance.
During his carrier always he has prioritized and invested in education; where he has finished Master Degree in the University of Prishtina. As part of his professional education currently he is in the process of certification for CMC- Certified Management Consultant and ISO 20700.
Burhan Gashi
Program Coordinator
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Burhan Gashi is a young activist, social worker for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, human rights and inclusion in Kosovo for four years, a history student at the University of Prishtina, Philosophical Faculty, History Department with the main focus/study on the historical point of view of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Southeast Europe.  Burhan was born in Prishtina, in 1996.  Lives in Fushë Kosovë/KosovoPolje, with seventhousend other Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community members, Albanian is his mother tongue, speaks fluent in English and has medium knowledge/still learning German.
Currently Burhan is Project Coordinator at TER KOS 03 program (funded by the European Union and Roma Education Fund) at Roma Versitas Kosovo, the only organization dealing with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students in Kosovo on a central level basis. 
Faton Mustafa
Manager of RVK Media Office
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Faton is a filmmaker and a journalist. He worked in many NGO such as Romawood, Rolling Film Festival and a great number of film workshop with Roma youth, Gaia SCI Kosovo, RomaRoads, Balkan Sunflowers and RADC; he participated in many social and education projects as well as initiative for the empowerment of Roma communities, especially Youth in Kosovo and promoting voluntarism.

Roma Versitas Kosovo Advisory Board 
MA.Lumnije Bajrami
Hade of IRO University of PristhinaUniversity Professor of Political Science
Nazan Safçi
Head of Division for Community Education, CE Division, DPP, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Economist)