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JOB TITLE: Project Coordinator (1) 

                   Education and Employment Coordinator (1)  

PLACE:   Prishtinë/Pristina

DURATION: 15th August 2021 until 31st December 2021 with possibility of extension

STARTING DATE: 15th August 2021

About Roma Versitas Kosovo (RVK)

The work of Roma Versitas Kosovo has been ongoing for more than five years. Roma Versitas Kosovo was registered as an organization in May 2017 and is the only organization working mainly with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students throughout Kosovo on daily basis. The main aim is to raise the performance and capacity in academic and professional development of these three communities. 

Roma Versitas Kosovo (RVK) is seeking for two positions Program Coordinator and Education and Employment Coordinator to join the project team in the implementation of the project “Education, Employment, Partnerships and Gender Equality: A Winning Formula for Roma in VET”, funded by Austrian Development Agency and implemented by RVK in cooperation with Roma Education Fund (REF – lead partner) and Roma Versitas Albania (partner). The project aims to contribute to social inclusion and poverty reduction of Roma in Albania and Kosovo through support of vocational education and training, facilitation to labor market and empowering stakeholders to take measures to support transition of Roma to employment. The project will be managed by the Project Manager, based at the REF headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia, and will be implemented in Albania and Kosovo. The project duration is through December 2022.

How to apply

Qualified candidates are invited to send their CV and Motivation letter by August 6th 2021 (16:00 PM CET) via email to [email protected] with the subject line which you apply: Project Coordinator, or Education and Employment Coordinator. Applications that are submitted after the application deadline will not be considered.

Find more details in the following doc:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Kick off event for “Proud Roma in Free Kosovo” Campaign

Avni Mustafa director of Roma Versitas Kosovo speech for kick off Proud Roma in Free Kosovo:

Dear all, dear governmental and non-governmental institutions representatives, dear ambassadors, dear Roma and Dear non-roma. 

Ladies and Gentlemen


Today is an important day and it is a great pleasure to take the floor on behalf of Proud Roma in Free Kosovo campaign as well as the Opre Roma Movement in Kosovo. Today is an important day because we share a common interest and that is to offer an equal opportunity for Roma to register in Census 2022.

You are all INVITED! Because each one of us is directly involved in the Proud Roma in Free Kosovo Campaign. 

 Each one of you will be involved in the Opre Roma Kosovo movement.  

Proud Roma in Free Kosovo is an motivated campaign with a purpose of a more accurate and complete count of Roma in the census, it also creates an informal, cultural atmosphere and to get to know each other better, learn about each other’s goals, and therefore unify our efforts in creating better living conditions to all citizens of Kosovo. 

Why is this CAMPAIGN important?

The aim of this campaign is to empower as many Roma to publicly embrace their identity and freely take part in the upcoming Census 2022. 

We will strengthen our capacities to advance on advocacy, grassroots organizing, and public opinion abilities. 

Advance our research, governance, management, and digitalization. 

We will also establish a peer-to-peer exchange and support for outreach and enrolment, training, and coaching support. 

In the long run, we will use census results to strengthen our political position to influence most important pro-Roma decisions.

The need for belonging has been historically seen as a human need. It simply means acceptance. So, Accountability, cooperation, offering safe space and opportunities for Roma could take to a substantial inclusion in Kosovo society. 

It is a longstanding dream, and finally, it is time to accept the fact that Roma people are equal partners and as such to have their say and the power in decision-making processes that directly impact their communities. Unfortunately, we are still yet to see a clear political will that advocates the equal partnership and inclusion of the Roma representatives. 

The multicultural environment, social mobility, and integration are the main pillars of inclusion that are requested from the Roma community in Kosovo. However, many times it is mistaken for assimilation because in the same context we force the acceptance of our identity and culture as means of acceptance into society. 

We look forward to our cooperation, unity, participation in democracy, taking up of the Roma culture, tradition, politics and partnerships. 

Thank you all and thank you for being our partners. 

I will finish this speech with quoting Mahatma Gandi, who said; Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization. 

Thank u… 

Marrveshje bashkëpunimi

Në mes të:

Roma Versitas Kosovo, Organizatë joqeveritare duke u përfaqësuar nga Avni Mustafa, Drejtor Ekzekutiv


Komunës së Prizrenit, Përkatësisht: z.Mytaher Haskuka Kryetar i Komunës së Prizrenit

Roma Versitas Kosovo 

Roma Versitas Kosovo (RVK) si organizatë jo qeveritare lidhë këtë Marrëveshje Partneriteti me qëllim të bashkëpunimit për implementimin e aktiviteteve në Projektin :”Edukimi, Punësimi, Partneriteti dhe Barazia Gjinore: Formula e suksesit për Romët në VET” Projekt i cili ka focus të vecantë në fushën e Edukimit dhe Punësimit si dhe aktivitete të cilat ndërlidhen me edukimin dhe punësimin tek të rinjët e komuniteteve Romë, Ashkali dhe Egjiptian.

07.07.2021 Roma Versitas Kosovo organized a meeting with the Mayor of Municipality of Prizren Mr Mytaher Haskuka where we signed the cooperation agreement and discussed the concrete steps of cooperation in the field of Education and Employment.

In this meeting participated Project Coordinator Mrs Kadrije Krasniqi where she raised as an issue the education and employment of young people, especially girls from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities. The Mayor stated that in the future we can organize a joint meeting to increase the participation of young people in the labour market by organizing a meeting with private companies and the RVK where they will be able to discuss more employee profiles and opportunities.

As foreseen in the cooperation agreement, the coordination for the scholarship program will take place within the municipal directorate for education as well as for any other activities involved in the WinForVet project other departments will be involved.

On the behalf of Roma Versitas Kosovo.

Kadrije Krasniqi