About Us

Roma Versitas Kosovo – RV Kosovo

Roma Versitas Kosovo is the only organization that mainly works with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students throughout Kosovo, on daily basis. The work of this project has been going on for more than five years, and the leading staff gained more than 5 years of direct experience in support of 500 Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students in three resource centers of Kosovo, Prishtina, Prizren and Peja. The main aim was, and it will continue to be to raise the performance and capacity in academic and professional development of these three communities. We strongly believe in most students as great contributors of Kosovo and their own communities’ future.
As a result of successful implementation, the project that started five years ago, turned into an organization that aims to act as a portfolio with programs that will work more towards successes of all the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students in Kosovo. Roma Versitas Kosovo as organization has been established in May 2017.

Our Staff

Executive Director

Avni Mustafa

Finace and Admin Manager

Dorela Limanaj

Project Manager at Rolling Film Festival and RomaVersitas PR

Denis Mustafa

Youth Advocacy for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian/ Manager 

Gazmen Salijevic

RV Kosovo Program Coordinator

Genc Broqi

Senior program Officer-RV Prizren

Sylejman Elshani

Resouse Centar Coordinator - RV Peja

Fatmir Sykaj

Rolling Film Festival Project Coordinator

Hanna Kirstein

Educational Specialist and Roma Versitas Consultant

Michael Acosta